GLOCK 17 - 8mm Blank Firing Pistol




GLOCK 17 - 8mm Blank Firing Pistol

GLOCK 17 - 8mm Blank Firing Pistol (Code: SA-GLOCK-17-BFN) RRP: £160.00 £134.95  Inc. VAT
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BRUNI Glock 17 Blank Firing Pistol

The GLOCK 17, 8mm blank firing semi-automatic pistol (aka BF 95 Glock 17 blank firer) from Bruni has a full replica operation in every detail including slide lockback and the famous Glock double safeties and enclosed firing mechanism.
The Glock 17, 8mm pistol is a most impressive, full size field strippable, heavy weight copy of the famous handgun in a heavy metal and ABS polymer.
Contoured grip, trigger safety, double stacking metal magazine holds 15 rounds, full size, weight, look and feel of the original pistol. As close to the real thing as you'll get, including the same ejection of the spent cartridge.
These Bruni guns are not toys but precision made duplicates of the live fire originals and must be handled with respect, responsibility and care.
Blank Firing Bruni G17s were originally supplied to Paramount Studios for the movie Shaft. A beautifully detailed piece that offers realism as well as quality Workmanship. When Fired the blank cartridges are extremely loud. You see the flame, smell the smoke and feel the recoil, perfect for theatrical production Prop Fire arms, for firearms training, Military, Police Drills and Collectors.


Lenght, mm 202
Barrel lenght, mm 114
Weight empty, g 650
Capacity, rds 18

SPECIAL PROMOTION - 50 x 8mm Blanks INCLUDED (also available separately below)

Can the Glock 17 blank firing pistol be made to fire real ammo ?
No, they are not deactivated real weapons but bespoke blank firing guns. It's not possible to drill out the barrel and the internal parts don't fit full size cartridges with bullets. Blank ammunition uses a gunpowder charge, but the load is far below the power used in real ballistics.