British Army Hessian Sandbags




British Army ROT PROOF Hessian Sandbags

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British Army Hessian Sandbag (Code: SA-SAND-HES) £1.95  Inc. VAT
10 x British Army Hessian Sandbags (Code: SA-SAND-HES-10) £18.50  Inc. VAT
20 x British Army Hessian Sandbags (Code: SA-SAND-HES-20) £35.00  Inc. VAT
50 x British Army Hessian Sandbags (Code: SA-SAND-HES-50) £82.50  Inc. VAT

British Army Rot Proof Hessian Sandbags!

British Army Rot Proof Hessian Sandbags,These Sandbags have been Specially Treated to make them Rot Proof, ideal protection for Property in areas with High Flooding risks and Emergency Flood Protection.
Even a foot or so of water around your house from minor flooding can cause severe damage.
There are two ways to protect doorways, the most likely place for water to find a way into your home: Sand bags and Urethane Foam.
Sandbags have long been the most common method to get some protection, but many local governments limit the number of sand bags provided to each home, possibly enough to barricade only two doorways. Some have stopped making them available at all.

Length: 84cm - Width: 36cm - Colour: Hessian / Green Tinted Treated for Rot Proof

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- £1.85 each
20+ - £1.75 each
50+ - £1.65 each

PLEASE NOTE: these are EMPTY BAGS - SAND is NOT Included

Alternative Products: Polypropylene Sandbags or Self Inflating Flood Protection Bags

For an update on the Current Flooding Situation in England & Wales, please use this link to the The Environment Agency, who provides flood warnings online 24 hours a day. From this website page you can view warnings in force in each of the eight regions covering England and Wales. You can also search for your local area and its current warning status using the panel on the right.