JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters

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JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters, Olive Green (Code: SA-JGAI-OL) RRP: £29.00 £24.95  Inc. VAT
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JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters

The Jack Pyke Hunters Waterproof gaiters are available in Olive Green and English Oak Camouflage. Made from Breathatex 100% Polyester laminated Oxford nylon  fabric, a very tough, tear resistant material.
JACK PYKE Gaiters are worn around the ankles to prevent dirt, thorns, twigs and other debris from entering your boots. They also prevent your boots from letting in water and keep you nice and dry in wet conditions.
Breatha-Tex material is a durable high-tech fabric that is designed to be completely water & windproof yet remain capable of breathing. The membrane of the fabric will evaporate any sweat to the outside of the fabric and therefore moderate your body temperature to keep you dry and comfortable.


  • Made from Breatha-tex Fabric
  • Tough Tear Resistant Construction
  • Waterproof, Windproof And Breathable
  • Full length zip with Velcro & press-stud storm flap cover
  • Tough under-boot wire
  • Easy adjust buckle
  • Lace cleat
  • Elasticated top & bottom
  • Size: One size fits all (freesize)
  • Colours: English Oak Camo or Olive Green

English Oak Camo is the latest development from the JACK PYKE range, based on an English Woodland. If you wish to blend into the British countryside you now can, with a carefully designed English pattern, made for effortless comfort and fit. Based on high resolution photographs of what is considered to be the most important individual elements, digitally combined and strategically placed to form a seamless pattern. This pattern is then printed onto the material using the 'superior definition process'. This ultra realistic logically produced English oak pattern contains predominantly brown and green colours and is ideal for countryside pursuits.
Gaiters are a type of protective clothing for a person's necks, ankles and legs below the knee. Gaiters are worn when walking, hiking or equestrian riding outdoors amongst dense underbrush or on snow, with or without snowshoes. Gaiters strap onto the hiking boot and around the person's leg to provide protection from branches and thorns and to prevent mud, snow, etc from entering the boot. Gaiters are similar to puttees, a part of numerous military uniforms.
Originally, gaiters were made of leather. Today gaitors or gaiters are commonly made of plasticized synthetic cloth such as polyester, or breathable water vapour permeable micro porous Polyester laminated Oxford fabric, such as Gore-Tex or Breatha-tex. Tough tear resistant material.
In Army parlance, a gaiter covers leg and bootlacing. A legging covers only the leg. The RAF confuses this by using gaiter for legging. The American Army during World War II had leggings, which were gaiters. Above the knee spatterdashes were cotton or canvas, as were many gaiters of varying lengths thereafter. Leather gaiters were rare in military, though sometimes a calf- length cotton gaiter had leather kneecaps added. Leggings, however, were very often made of leather, but also canvas.