Trangia Stove & Mess Kit

Trangia Army Stove & Mess Set (Code: SA-MKx) RRP: £15.00 £12.95  Inc. VAT
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Swedish Army Trangia Stove

This genuine Military Trangia Army Stove is an incredible bargain. A complete cooker set consists of:Trangia Stove, Army Stove & 
Mess Tin set

  • 2-part mess tin
  • Stand / windshield
  • Burner
  • Fuel bottle
Trangia Army Stove, burner, fuel bottle & "billy" set @ ONLY £12.95

The Swedish (m/42) mess kit is a complete package. Similar in design to a German mess kit, but larger, it breaks into two halves: the first half contains the stand-windshield and a Trangia alcohol stove, while the other half contain two pots (one has a handle for suspending on hooks, the other has an extended handle) that are nested together. It can also store a fuel bottle. It's recommended that the fuel bottle and Trangia stove are stored separately outside the pots (since alcohol can otherwise seep out).

A mess kit is a collection of silverware and cookware used during camping and backpacking, as well as extended military campaigns.
While functionally similar to a one-person civilian mess kit, military mess kits are designed to be even more compact, using their space as efficiently as possible. Thus lids will almost always be used for preparing, cooking, and/or eating, and usually come in two or three pieces. This set is also known as enmanskök, kokkärl, messkit, field stove or field cooker.

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