Genuine Fairbairn-Sykes British Commando Knife




Genuine British Commando Knife

Fairbairn-Sykes British Commando Knife (Code: SA-412) £39.95  Inc. VAT
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Genuine British Commando Knives

Original Fairbairn Sykes Collection of genuine British Commando Knives, the famous fighting knife used by British commandos and SOE during WW2:

  • Commando
  • SAS
  • PARA
  • RM
  • Presentation

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    • Double edged 7'' Carbon Steel Blade
    • Serrated metal handle
    • Reinforced leather sheath
    • 11 '' overall
    • Leather sheath included

    Each knife sold separately

    The Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife is a stiletto-style dagger developed by William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes during World War II with a foil-like handle and a keen, double-edged blade. Modelled on contemporary Shanghai street daggers, it was primarily intended for use by British troops, particularly Commando forces. Manufactured by the Wilkinson Sword Company in England, among others, there were minor variations in pommel and grip, of interest now mainly to collectors. In 1940, Captain William Ewart Fairbairn and Captain Eric Anthony Sykes designed what has to be the most famous fighting knife of the 20th Century, the world famous FS Fighting Knife. The first production run was referred to as the 'First Pattern'. Which was identified with it's classic 'S' guard and flat ricasso. These were made in limited numbers. In order to speed up production, the 'Second Pattern' was made with modifications which did not include the 'S' cross guard or the flat ricasso. Today only the 'Third Pattern' is produced which is the ringed handle type.
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